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War in the Middle East: Terror Attacks Continue – Missiles, Rockets, Mortars, UAVs and Gunmen Attacks From all Directions

Nov 18, 2023

The Middle East Has Become a Hotbed For Islamist Terrorism

From the north, Hezbollah in Lebanon continue to fire mortars, anti tank missiles and suicide drones (UAVs) on Israel, killing and injuring civilians and military personnel. From Gaza daily rocket fire being shot at Israeli civilians, air raids and Iron Dome interceptions in dozens of cities and towns on a daily basis. From the east in the West Bank, armed Palestinian Islamist terrorists continue to attack check points and civilians, injuring and killing many. From the south Iran backed and funded Yemen Houthi ballistic missiles and UAVs continue to be shot on Eilat. From the north east Syrian terrorist factions, backed by Iran also continue to fire mortars and rockets into Israeli territory.

Caught in the middle of this is Israel.
Attacked from almost all sides.

The Only Democracy in the Middle East?

Israel is the only one true democratic state in the Middle East and normalization deals, furthering the peace with other Arab nations, with the help of US brokers, has been bringing the world to an ever closer peace in the middle east. Peace in the Middle East means global stability because the Middle East is a ultra sensitive, super religious and unbalanced hotbed where a stone can cause a ripple that turns into a tsunami on any given day.

Jerusalem – The Core of Conflict

Maybe at the core of this Middle Eastern conflict, sits Jerusalem. The holy place of the 3 religions. It’s hard to say how this conflict will end or how peace will be brought but one thing is for sure, Jerusalem will be a big part of it.

At this very moment, Jews, Muslims and Christians practice their faiths in Jerusalem. These are not just any jews or Christians or Muslims, these are some of the most ultra-religious of each of these faiths. The seeds of these 3 religions, their core, sit in this holy city.

If there is to be peace in the Middle East, maybe it must begin in Jerusalem. The problem is that in Jerusalem there is no peace to be had. Extremists thrive in the cities surrounding Jerusalem. Hamas has called it’s recent 7th of October attacks “Al-Aqsa Flood” meaning “Jerusalem Flood”. The Arabs call Jerusalem “Al-Aqsa”.

There are more calls for war then there are for peace. Some would say, on both sides. Eventually we must all accept that there is a Jewish Israeli nation, with it’s capital in Jerusalem. Accepting this, not fighting it, would be a good place to start. From that point I am certain the Jewish people would be flexible enough to let all religions practice their faiths as long as the peace is kept. And it can be kept. But it will take an evolution of the minds of those who wish to destroy Israel and the Jewish state.

A Turning Point in the Middle East

If Israel wished to do so it could bomb and kill millions withing minutes, eliminating all enemies. Getting peace through supreme victory. Flattening Gaza within a matter of minutes. Flattening southern Lebanon, Syria, Houthis in Yemen and the West Bank too. You must ask yourself why does Israel not do this, why does is try to slowly erode the Islamist terrorist factions, why does it not bomb them all to kingdom come?

Is it because Israel has a quiet dream of a peaceful future for everyone involved?
Is it because Israel does not want the western world to turn against her?
Is it because Israel is a moral country, that does not want to kill civilians?

All we can say for sure, sitting in our homes watching the war unfold, running to our shelters each time an air raid siren goes off, hearing the explosions of the interceptors, praying that a rocket won’t get through the defensive Iron Dome and kill us, like has happened on dozens of occasions before, all we can say for sure is that the war is a slow one, being fought not only by the IDF and the Hamas, Hezbollah and other Iranian Proxies one against the other, but also by the civilian populations who are now part of this war and being killed on both sides too.

Will Hamas Do Another 7th of October? We know that they want to, they plan to. Will Hezbollah fire their arsenals of GPS guided rockets on all Israeli cities and towns? We know that this is their ultimate goal. Will the whole Middle East burst into flames? We will have to wait and see.

We all dream of a future of peace for all mankind, especially here in the middle east. It just seems so farfetched right now. But this may be a turning point. Israel has not killed hundreds of thousands of people in all the surrounding Arab nations, in order to wipe out the danger, the enemies, the threat of destruction.

Israel Does Not Seek Destruction

Israel is again at great risk to herself, operating towards a goal of defending herself without turning the whole Middle East into a warzone. Even though she can, in theory, flatten all of her enemies in a matter of minutes, which would of course kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of civilians in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Iran and other countries that aim for the destruction of Israel.

Israel does not aim for the destruction of these countries. Israel does not want destruction. Israel and ALL of the people who live in Israel only want prosperity, enlightenment, western values, economical growth, religious freedom and security.

Maybe this is a turning point in the Middle East where calmer minds, wiser leaders, will see this. See that Israel with all her might, does not want destruction. Does not want religious war. Israel wants peace.

But what happened, on October 7th.
Can never happen again.
Hamas is done.

The Israeli people and government and Defense Forces have opened their eyes, the threat of annihilation is real. The global antisemitism is real. We will defend ourselves by all means necessary and always keep in our hearts and minds a hope of peace and a brighter future, we will not be consumed by hatred, revenge and darkness. We are a God fearing and God loving people, in our land, the land of Israel.