• Wed. May 29th, 2024

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict is taking a new twist following the unanimous vote of approval by the Algerian Parliament authorizing the country’s President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to support Palestine. Contrary to the global support granted by various countries throwing support behind Israel, all Algerian lawmakers failed to criticize the terrorist attack.

Algeria Replicates Yemen Military Support for Palestinians 

The Algerian legislators voted on November 2 granting the country’s participation in the Gaza-Israel war. Coincidentally, the 100 vote occurred hours after the country celebrated its liberation from French colonial rule. The 100 votes matched nearly perfect support for Algeria’s independence from French colonialism when 99.72% supported the North African country’s autonomy.

The Thursday, November 2 vote saw the session dominated by lengthy slogans supporting the Palestinians and resistance organizations. Algeria replicates the move by Yemen on Tuesday, October 31, declaring war against Israel in Gaza. 

The Arab nation, through the Yemeni armed forces spokesperson General Yahya Saree, confirmed launching several ballistic drones and cruise missiles targeting the Zionist enemy within the Palestine Occupied Territories (POT).

General Saree reiterated that the Yemeni forces already launched the third operation, illustrating support for the oppressed Palestinian brothers. The military leader emphasized that Yemen’s stance is unchanged and is premised on the belief that the Palestinians should exercise their right to defend themselves fully.

General Saree hailed the Yemeni military for their duty in supporting the Palestinian brothers by firing missiles towards the enemy’s military within the Occupied Territories. In particular, he indicated that the operation executed within the past three weeks underscores Yemen’s commitment to the cause.

Algeria Joins Countries Supporting Palestine 

Similar to Yemen, Algeria lawmakers decried the involvement of the United States and Western regimes in supporting the Gaza War. Algeria joins Arab nations that recently declared support towards the Palestinians. 

Kuwait decried the Israeli aggression, while Bahrain extinguished all diplomatic ties. Jordan confirmed recalling their ambassador to Israel. 

Algeria joins other countries beyond West Asia to voice support for the Palestinians. Other nations, including Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela and Cuba, terminated diplomatic ties with Israel.

 Unlike Yemen, Algeria has yet to launch missiles targeting the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The former vowed to sustain more precise attacks unless the Israeli regime halted the aggression.