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Video: Jewish Man Dies in Los Angeles Following Attack by Pro-Palestinian Protester

Nov 7, 2023

Pro-Palestinian Protester Murders Jewish Man

Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed the death of an elderly Jewish man who was beaten during a pro-Israel rally in the city. Eyewitnesses say a confrontation brewed between the culprit and the Jewish man. Minutes later, the latter was found lying on the ground with blood coming out of his head.

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The elderly man was rushed to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately, he did not survive. In a statement, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles (JFLA) said the suspect hit the man with a megaphone. The Federation then extended its condolences to the victim’s family.

JFLA: “It’s the Fourth Anti-Semitic Attack in Los Angeles This Year”

According to JFLA, the latest attack on a Jewish person is the fourth antisemitic crime reported in Los Angeles since the start of the year. The Federation is now demanding American authorities to protect the Jewish community in the United States. JFLA has vowed to do everything in its power to ensure violence against Jews in Los Angeles is prevented.

Today’s incident was filmed by eyewitnesses and shared by the nonprofit organization StopAntisemitism on X.

Iranian Canadian politician condemns ‘pro-Hamas’ rally in powerful address

Los Angeles police have not provided any information regarding the arrest of the suspect. Commenting on the antisemitic incident, Israeli Minister Benny Gantz has called on governments across the world to protect Jewish people against rising antisemitic attacks.

Anti-Semitic Attacks are Growing

Several incidents of antisemitism have been reported since Israel began responding to Hamas’ attack that caused the deaths of nearly 1,400 people. Three weeks ago, a synagogue president, Samantha Woll, was stabbed to death by unknown people outside her Detroit home.

Last week, another Jewish woman in Lyon, France, was also stabbed in her abdomen, but fortunately, she survived. France, in particular, has seen rising cases of antisemitism this year. French Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin recently revealed that over 850 antisemitic attacks have been reported since January.

When French President Emmanual Macron visited Israel last month, he told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he was aware of the growing antisemitism in France and that his government was doing everything in its power to ensure the Jewish people feel safe in his country.