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Video: Palestinian Terrorist With Knife in Hand Walks up to Entrance of Israeli Town of Ofra

Nov 7, 2023

The Israeli Town of Ofra

The town of Ofra, is situated in the northern part of the West Bank and is a part of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council’s territory. Positioned strategically along Route 60, which connects Jerusalem and Nablus, Ofra is home to about 3,500 residents.

The Video – Terrorst Weilding a Knife

In the video taken today (7th November 2023) you can see the Palestinian terrorist crossing the road to the entrance of the small Jewish town, holding a knife in his hand. An IDF soldier runs to the intersection and confronts the Palestinian, he raises his rifle in the air and shoots in the air, warning the terrorist that the next shots may be deadly ones. The terrorist then turns around and runs away.

IDF Engagement Rules

IDF, which is known as one of the most moral militaries in the world, engages knife weilding terrorists in this way on a regular basis. The first shots are shot into the air and the soldier warns the terrorist to put down his weapon, if the terrorist does not put down his weapon the soldier can again shoot in the air or shoot the terrorist in the feet. If the terrorist tries to attack anyone with the knife, the soldier is then alowed to shoot to kill.

Israeli soldiers stand guard during a Palestinian protest near the Jewish settlement of Elon Moreh,east of Nablus, in the West Bank, November 25, 2022
Israeli soldiers stand guard during a Palestinian protest near the Jewish settlement of Elon Moreheast of Nablus in the West Bank November 25 2022

What Would You Do?

What would you do if a knife wielding Islamist terrorist came to the entrance of your town and started crossing the street to walk into the town and murder people? The IDF soldiers who follow strict rules of engagement are taught to first shoot warninig shots into the air when they see a threat – this proves the morality of this army.

In the video you can see the terrorist turn around and run away unharmed. He will be caught and prosecuted and put in an Israeli prison for a number of years of course, for planning and trying to murder Israelis, as he should be. But he will live, because in Israel the military and governement, does not kill Palestinians for fun.

Pro Palestinian Lies Debunked

Many in the media and pro-Palestinians would like you to believe that the IDF targets all Palestinians and is doing a “genocide”. This video is proof of the contrary. Not only does the IDF NOT target civilians purposely, it even shoots warning shots into the air and doesn’t kill an armed terrorist who is wielding a knife with intent to kill, who is obviously on his way to murder Israeli civilians.

Arab man stabs four Israelis to death in Israel’s Beersheba; Attacker shot dead by a local

Palestinian Stabbing Attacks

Over the past decades there have been several stabbing attacks where a Palestinian weilding a knife attacks israeli civilians, wounding or killing them, on March 22, 2022, four people were killed and two more were injured during a stabbing and vehicle-ramming attack by an Islamic State supporter in Beersheba, Israel.