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Antisemitic Incidents Soar in North London in the Wake of Israel-Hamas War

Dec 14, 2023

Man Launches Antisemitic Attacks Against Numerous Jews

Several Jews in North London had an encounter with an antisemite on Wednesday. In a video that has made rounds on social media platforms, the racist individual starts his spree of hate-driven acts by threatening a Jewish greengrocer that he will kill him. The aggressor then confronts a Jewish teenager on his bike. What’s more, he chases another Jew into dangerous traffic. The antisemite does not stop there. He goes ahead and directs his hatred toward a Jewish mother and her baby.

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Hackney Police is now calling on the public to provide any information that can lead to the arrest of the racist man seen in the video.

Antisemitic Cases in London Are Up 1,353% Since War in Middle East Began

The latest antisemitic events are examples of what Jewish people in London have had to deal with since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. A few weeks ago, London’s Metropolitan Police reported that Antisemitic hate crimes had soared 1,353% following Israel’s response to Hamas’s October 7th assault.

At the time, the Police said they had recorded over 200 cases of antisemitic offenses between October 8th and November 1st. By comparison, only 15 such cases were reported in 2022.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

In an effort to protect Jews in London against antisemitic attacks, the UK government has deployed Police officers to places of worship, religious schools, and in various streets of London. But despite the significant presence of security officers, hate crimes against Jewish people have continued to grow.

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21 Antisemites Arrested

Metropolitan Police said in early November that they had arrested 21 individuals for their involvement in antisemitic acts. Among the arrests is a man who tore down posters of Israelis held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

During his visit to Israel in October, United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assured his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu that his government was committed to protecting the Jewish community in the UK. A week after his Israeli visit, Sunak announced $3.7 million in funding to boost efforts of shielding Jews against antisemitic attacks. But the latest video shows that Jewish people in the UK are still vulnerable to such attacks.