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“We Will Kill You All, Occupiers”: Hamas Supporters Threaten Jews Leaving Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC After Hanukkah Ceremony

Dec 14, 2023

Jews Attending Hanukkah Ceremony in the US Come Under Antisemitic Attacks

Jews who attended the Hanukkah ceremony in the Washington-based Israeli Embassy on Tuesday night faced threats from Hamas supporters who harassed them as they were leaving the embassy.

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Footage shared by StopAntisemites on X features a car occupied by two people, male and female, yelling at a Jewish man as he left the embassy. The male occupant is seen waving a Palestinian flag from the car’s sunroof as the woman shouts death threats at the Jew while driving. She calls the Jewish man a killer and occupier of people’s nations. The woman driver then threatens that they will kill all occupiers, a term that Palestinians use to refer to Israelis.

The Jewish man is heard responding to the threats, calling the two Hamas supporters terrorists as he continues to walk away.

More Jews Harrassed by Hamas Supporters

He wasn’t the only one that the supporters of the Gaza-based terror group harassed. CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, William Daroff, wrote on his X account that the pro-Hamas protestors were yelling “kill the Jews” at the Israelis leaving the embassy after the Hanukkah ceremony.

Jonathan Allen, an Anti-Defamation League official, said the Hamas supporters shouted at the Jews, calling them Nazis. He added that as the families of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza lit the menorah, calling for the freedom of their loved ones, they could hear the protestors shouting “killers” outside the Israeli embassy.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

John Kirby, the White House National Security Council spokesman who has shown unwavering support for Israel since the war started, was among the attendees of the Hanukkah ceremony. He was given the honor to light a candle. Moreover, he received a dog tag from Rubi”s father with the words “Bring them home.” Rubi is an Israeli teenager being held captive in Gaza.

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Antisemitism is Rising

The cases of antisemitism have risen over the past two months following the Israel-Hamas war. StopAntisemites, a popular non-profit organization that creates awareness about antisemitism, has shared numerous videos of People engaging in hate-driven acts against Israelis, from students tearing down posters of hostages to Hamas supporters insulting Jewish people in the streets.