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Hamas Terror Group is Hoarding Fuel, Medicine, Food While Civilians in Gaza Face Humanitarian Crisis

Dec 23, 2023

Who is Hamas?

Hamas is a Palestinian terrorist organization that was established in 1987 during the First Intifada. It has its origins in the Muslim Brotherhood and is designated as a terrorist group by the United States, European Union, Canada, Israel, and several other countries. Hamas seeks the establishment of an Islamic state in historical Palestine and has engaged in both political and violent means to further its goals. The group has been responsible for numerous terror attacks, including suicide bombings and rocket fire aimed at civilian populations. In addition to its militant activities, Hamas provides social services in the Gaza Strip, where it has governed since 2007.

Hamas suicide bombing in Jerusalem on June 11 2003 which killed 16 Jewish civilians Quique KierszenbaumGetty ImagesJTA
Hamas terror bus blast in Jerusalem on April 18 2016 which killed 5 Israeli civilians

Is Hamas Hoarding Fuel?

Yes. Hamas is hoarding fuel, food, medicine and other necessities in order to continue their religious war against Jews and Israel. They do not care about the suffering of the Palestinian people. They care only about eradicating the Jewish state and will go to all means including killing their own people to do so. They are also partially funded and trained by Iran which also wants to destroy the US and Israel.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The Hamas terror organization is hoarding essential resources like fuel, medicine, and food in the Gaza Strip. Such actions exacerbate the humanitarian crisis faced by the civilians in the region. While the group provides some social services to residents, critics argue that its control over vital resources and infrastructure can divert aid and necessities away from the general population. The act of hoarding these essentials not only deepens the suffering of the Gaza inhabitants but also fuels international concern and criticism over Hamas’s priorities and governance.

Hamas Fuel Depot Reserves of 1 Million Liters in Gaza 9th October 2023

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Why do the Palestinian People Suffer?

While they portray themselves as defenders of the Palestinian cause, many argue that Hamas terror tactics and governance have, in fact, worsened the plight of the Palestinian people.

Firstly, Hamas’s commitment to terror against Israel has invited severe military reprisals. Their use of rocket attacks and suicide bombings targeting Israeli civilians has often led to large-scale Israeli military operations in Gaza. The infrastructure damage from these operations and the resultant casualties have been devastating for Palestinians.

Hamas in Gaza suppressing a Palestinian anti Hamas demonstration in 2022
Hamas The Palestinian terrorist group that rules Gaza since 2007

Secondly, Hamas’s tactic of launching attacks from populated areas and storing weapons in schools, hospitals, and mosques puts Palestinian civilians at direct risk. This approach not only exposes residents to immediate danger but also makes rebuilding efforts after conflicts more challenging.

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Furthermore, Hamas’s governance in Gaza since 2007 has been marked by authoritarianism. They’ve suppressed political dissent, curtailed press freedoms, and imposed strict interpretations of Islamic law, which have restricted the rights of women and minorities.

Additionally, the political rift between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, based in the West Bank, has divided the Palestinian territories both politically and economically, creating bureaucratic hurdles and deepening the humanitarian crisis.

In essence, while Hamas’s actions and governance style may be driven by their religious, political and ideological objectives, they have undeniably contributed to the suffering of the Palestinian people.