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Senior Hamas Official Says Terror Group Will Repeat October 7 Attack Until Israel is Finished

Dec 23, 2023

Top-Ranking Hamas Official Sends Warning to Israel

Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official, told Lebanon-based media house LBC TV last week that the terror organization was determined to execute another attack on Israel similar to that of October 7 until the Jewish nation is finished.

Hamad said Israel must be removed from the Middle East, arguing that it constituted a military, political, and security catastrophe to Islamic and Arab nations. The Hamas leader added that Israel’s existence was the main cause of tears, pain, and blood in the region.

Hamad also ingeminated Hamas’ lie that the Gaza-based terrorists had no intention of harming civilians, claiming that the October 7 attack was “complicated.”

“We Are Ready to Pay the Price,” Hamad tells LBC TV

When asked what he thought of Israel’s response to the Hamas assault, which has left several Palestinians dead, Hamad said they were ready to pay the price for driving Israel out of the Middle East.

Hamad’s statements echoed those of Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader, who recently told Al-Mayadeen TV that Israel’s demise was inevitable. In the interview, Haniyeh said Hamas was already making preparations for a “Post-occupation” phase.

Meanwhile, Hamad said everything that Hamas terrorists do is justified, claiming they are “victims of the occupation” and, therefore, no one should blame them.

Senior Hamas Official Walks out of Interview

On Monday, Hamad walked out of an interview conducted by popular news outlet BBC after he was asked how Hamas justified the murder of Israeli families in their houses. BBC journalist Hugo Bachega, who interviewed the Hamas senior official, pointed out a scenario where a woman in Be’eri Kibbutz was found lying face down on a bed full of her own blood, with seven bullet holes. But before Bachega could finish narrating the saddening story, Hamad pulled off his microphone and walked away.

The senior Hamas official is now calling on Lebanese terror group Hezbollah “to do more” in the ongoing war against Israel. Hezbollah has already fired numerous missiles at Israel since the conflict began. Still, Hamad feels this is not enough.