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Mother of Palestinian Terrorist Who Killed 13-Year-Old Israeli Girl Says Son Made Her Proud

Dec 23, 2023

Mother Praises Son for Murdering Israeli Girl

In 2016, a Palestinian terrorist murdered an Israeli girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, 13, while sleeping in her room. On Friday, a video of the culprit’s mother made rounds on X. She could be heard praising her son, Muhammad Taraireh, 17, for what she called a “brave act.”

A few days after the horrific incident, the Israeli soldiers visited Taraireh’s mother to question her. She claimed that she wasn’t aware her son had masterminded the attack on the Israeli girl but seemed very proud. The mother said Taraireh would be remembered as a hero for sneaking into Israeli territory and committing murder.

According to Taraireh’s cousin Adnan Mohammed, the attacker had quit school and got employed in a bakery. Adnan said Taraireh’s attack could be an act of revenge for his other cousin, who was killed by the Israel Defense Forces when he tried to ram his car into several Israelis back in 2015.

Netanyahu Blocks Taraireh’s Family Members From Working in Israel

Following Ariel’s death, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revoked work permits for Taraireh’s family members, permanently blocking them from working in Israel. Moreover, their Israeli home was demolished. At the time, many critics felt Netanyahu’s collective punishment was unfair.

Taraireh’s mother is not the first Palestinian mom to celebrate the death of her son. In 2021, an interview aired by a Gaza-based TV featured the mother of the terrorist who had been killed by the Israeli army in a failed attack. The criminal’s mother said he was happy her son had died a martyr while threatening to execute the attack herself.

Report: “Palestinian Children are Taught at Young Age to Hate Jews”

Meanwhile, a report by Legal Insurrection shows most Palestinian parents teach their children to hate Jewish people and kill them by any means possible. Be it by shooting, ramming with vehicles or stabbing. The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement is also fueling hate towards the Jews.

The movement is opposed to any “normalization” talks between Palestinians and Israelis. A few years ago, BDS boycotted peace discussions between Arabic and Jewish youth organized by the YaLa Young Leaders, who aimed to talk about how to advance peaceful relations.