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Antisemitism Found in Havard Poll: Majority of Young Americans aged 18-24 Believe Jews Are Oppressors

Dec 17, 2023

Havard Harris Survey Findings

A survey conducted by popular research organization Harvard Harris between December 13 and 14 shows that 67% of young Americans aged 18-24 believe that Jews are oppressors, an ideology that 73% of US residents disagree with and label as “False.”

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What’s more, 54% of young Americans think that the permanent answer to the Palestinian-Israel conflict is for the Jewish state to be eliminated and given to Palestinians and terror group Hamas. Only 33% believe a two-state solution to be a better option. Meanwhile, 96% of Americans aged above 65 prefer a two-state solution.

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Senator Roger Marshall Criticizes Young Americans for Siding With Hamas

Speaking to the New York Post on Saturday, Senator Roger Marshall said individuals supporting evil rather than democracy should serve as a wake-up call. The lawmaker added that ideological rot witnessed among young US citizens has become so bad to the point that they are sympathizing with terrorists who hate the United States.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

When asked if Hamas’s latest attack on Israel is justifiable, 60% of young Americans said the October 7 assault on the Jewish country could be justified by “unfair treatment of Palestinians.” Only 27% of US residents believe that the deadly attack is justified.

Young Americans Believe Israel Is Committing Genocide

Further, 65% of Americans between the age of 18-24 think Israel’s response to Hamas’s attack equates to genocide. Although unconfirmed, Gaza’s Ministry of Health recently reported that the Israel Defense Forces has killed more than 15,000 Palestinians since October 8. In the Harvard Harris Poll, 53% of young US residents said college students should be allowed to call for the “execution of Jews” without any consequences.

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Meanwhile, more than 70% of Americans say they support Israel in its fight against Hamas. However, the poll shows that 50% of adults aged 18-24 are siding with Hamas. Similar findings were reported from another polling conducted by Cygnal a few days after the October 7 attack.

Following the latest research report, which shows most young Americans are pro-Hamas, pollster Mark Penn says false narratives are influencing Generation Z’s sympathetic view of terror group Hamas.

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