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UK, US Forces Intercept Over 15 Drones Launched by Houthis on Israel

Dec 17, 2023

Houthis Drones Intercepted

United States Navy Forces said on Saturday morning that they intercepted 14 drones launched from Yemen by terror group Houthi. A state-operated media in Egypt also reported that the country’s air defence had brought down one drone in Dahab.

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Moreover, a British destroyer, which has not been in action since the Gulf War in 1991, intercepted another drone over the Red Sea. In a statement, United Kingdom Defense Minister Grant Shapps said it was necessary for the Royal Navy to block Houthis’ attacks on Israel as they posed a massive threat to maritime security and international commerce.

Houthis Target Several Commercial Ships

Over the past few weeks, Houthis have made commercial ships traversing the Red Sea their targets. At the start of this month, the Yemeni terrorists targeted three commercial vessels in the Red Sea with ballistic missiles. The US Navy was able to shoot down the drones.

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On Friday, One of the biggest shipping companies in the world, Maersk, said it would temporarily suspend its ships from passing through the Red Sea following the growing attacks on commercial vessels. Houthi had launched a failed drone attack on Maersk Gibraltar on Thursday.

Another shipping giant, Hapag-Lloyd, announced earlier this week that its ships will not cross the Red Sea until December 19. The announcement followed a drone attack on one of Hapag-Lloyd’s vessels on Friday. Houthi says it aims to attack the vessels until Israel ends the war against Gaza-based terror group Hamas.

Video of Houthis Firing on Israel (November 9th)Islamist Terrorist Forces in Yemen Shooting Missiles at Israel Yelling “Death to America, Death to the Jews, Death to Israel”

“Attacks of Shipping Vessels Will Continue Until the War Ends,” Houthi Spokesman Says

While claiming responsibility for drone attacks directed at Israel and commercial ships, Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree said yesterday that the terror organization would continue to block all vessels passing through the Red Sea until the Jewish State stops its fight against Hamas and allows sufficient humanitarian aid to reach the Strip.

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Additionally, Houthi senior official Ali al-Qahoum said the Yemeni terrorists were not planning to abandon their “brothers” in Gaza, regardless of any Western, US, or Israeli threats. He warned that anyone planning to make hostile moves against Yemen would face severe consequences.