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Female Civilian Hostage Inbar Haiman Murdered in Captivity by Hamas Terrorists

Dec 17, 2023

Hamas Murders Another Hostage

Inbar Haiman, a 27-year-old Israeli woman who was taken into captivity in Gaza on October 7, has been murdered by Hamas terrorists. The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum revealed the sad news on Saturday evening. Her body is still being held in the Strip by the terror group.

Haiman was captured during the Supernova music festival, where Hamas killed more than 360 partygoers. Her fiancee, Noam Alon, said in October that Haiman texted him about the deadly Hamas attack, and he advised her to avoid main roads, where the terrorists were shooting at the young partygoers who attempted to rush to their cars.

Inbar Haiman

When Haiman’s family posted her details on various social media platforms after losing touch with her, two people reached out. They told the family that Haiman hid under a bush but was later found by two Hamas terrorists who placed her on their motorbike.

Haiman’s parents would later receive a video shared by Hamas showing their daughter looking beaten and bloody, surrounded by three terrorists.

Inbar Haiman

IDF Recovers Bodies of Three Hostages

The news regarding Haiman’s demise came just a day after the Israeli Defense Forces announced the recovery of the bodies of one civilian and two soldiers, whom Hamas took hostage in early October. The civilian hostage, Elian Toledano, is a French-Israeli citizen aged 28. The two soldiers have been identified as Sgt Ron Sherman and Cpl. Nik Beizer.

About 128 captives are still in Gaza after Hamas freed 105 during the truce in November. Four had been released before that, and the IDF rescued one. The Israeli army has so far retrieved the bodies of 8 of the 21 dead captives.

Families of Hostages Wants Israeli Government to Open Negotiation Talks With Hamas

Amid the growing number of hostage deaths, families of the captives met yesterday to plan protests against the Israeli government in an effort to mount pressure for negotiation talks that would see their loved ones released by Hamas. Speaking to reporters outside the Israeli Defense Ministry, Raz Matalon, whose family members Eli Sahrabi and Yossi remain in Gaza, said it was time for Israel to present a new proposal to Hamas.