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Meet The Brave Doctors Helping IDF Soldiers Amidst Hamas War

Nov 6, 2023

Medical Professionals In Dual Roles

Amidst the ongoing conflict, the medical team is pivotal in supporting the nation. Dr. D., a resident of Tel Aviv and a committed family man, fulfills the role of a specialist at the Wolfson Medical Center.

Simultaneously, he serves as an Air Force fighter based in the southern region of the country. His wife, S., contributes tirelessly as a pediatrician at Wolfson, devoting herself to delivering life-saving medical care for children.

Wolfson Medical Center
Wolfson Medical Center

In a recent interview, Dr. D. revealed that he had the privilege to attend to three patients wounded in the events of October 7 in the Gaza Strip. He noted he has been in various missions with the Air Force fighter unit, where he had the honor of caring for the injured and safeguarding lives.

Dr. D. further commended the resolute morale of the soldiers on the war front and their outstanding commitment. He emphasized that witnessing the entire nation unite in support of IDF soldiers was a profoundly uplifting experience that provided invaluable strength in the field.

Learning From Past Experiences

Meanwhile, Yishai Kuperman, a dedicated nurse stationed in the pediatric intensive care unit at the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, disclosed that he also performs other roles besides his role at the hospital. He said he serves in the reserves as a crucial member of the Spatial Defense Battalion in Gush Talmonim, part of the Ephraim Brigade.

Operating in the Kerem Re’im region, he stated one of his other roles is swiftly addressing security threats and preventing their escalation. Kuperman explained his team acts based on lessons from their past experiences in the Gaza Strip, where the team spared no effort in its mission to avert an escalation of security crisis.

Their key focus is intensive training, gaining intimate knowledge of the terrain, reinforcing their defenses, and adopting strategies that provide a competitive edge over the nation’s adversaries. Additionally, Kuperman takes on the role of a combat medic and military paramedic instructor, responsible for training staff in first aid and mental first aid.

According to him, this field plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of his comrades.

Major (res.) Dr. Yael Hefner
Major res Dr Yael Hefner

A Commitment To The Rescue

Furthermore, Major (res.) Dr. Yael Hefner, an experienced internist at Meir Medical Center, revealed that when the attack commenced, her duty as a medical officer for the Home Front Command was her reason for joining her regiment promptly. She emphasized that their primary focus is rescue and civil assistance.

Dr. Hefner expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming support and love from colleagues and well-wishers in the face of adversity. Their collective expertise and unwavering resolve are a testament to their determination to emerge victorious.

The Strength Of The Human Spirit

The dedication and selflessness of these medical professionals exemplify the unwavering spirit that runs through the nation’s heart. As they balance their roles as healers with their commitments as defenders, their actions signal hope and inspiration during these challenging times.

The nation stands united, offering support and gratitude to these heroes on the frontlines. Through their expertise, compassion, and determination, they continue to make a profound impact on the lives they touch.