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Video: “Palestine” Terror Base in Gaza – Israeli Military Seizes Key Hamas Facility in Strategic Operation

Nov 15, 2023

Capture of the ‘Palestine’ Base

Israeli forces, specifically the 14th Reserve Brigade, have successfully taken control of a crucial base known as “Palestine,” which is reportedly used by Hamas for orchestrating attacks against Israel. This operation marks a significant achievement for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), highlighting their ongoing efforts to neutralize threats posed by the Hamas organization.

Video – Israeli 14th Reserve Brigade seize Hamas’ “Palestine” base in Gaza

Hamas “Palestine” base in Gaza

A Hub for Terrorist Activities

The ‘Palestine’ base, frequently the target of IDF aerial strikes, has been identified as a primary training location for terrorists aiming to carry out attacks on both Israeli civilians and military personnel. Despite its appearance as a conventional training facility, intelligence and on-ground evidence have revealed its central role in facilitating terrorist activities, raising concerns about its operational significance in the region.

Discovery of Terror Tunnels and Explosives

In the course of their operation, IDF forces uncovered an extensive network of terror tunnels within the facility, along with a significant cache of explosives and booby traps. These findings underscore the base’s strategic importance to Hamas’s militant activities, particularly in its efforts to target IDF soldiers. The discovery of these tunnels and weapons not only represents a tactical victory for the IDF but also a blow to the operational capabilities of Hamas in the area.

IDF Demolishes Hamas Parliament Building After Taking it Over

Another image and video, this time of IDF forces destroying the Palestinian (Hamas) parliament building after taking it over the day before yesterday. From this building, the terror group Hamas made all of their plans to rule the Gaza strip and rules and laws on how to use humanitarian aid from the USA and Europe and Arab countries to continue to rule Gaza and attack Jews.

Image – IDF soldiers from the 7th Armored Brigade and Golani Infantry Brigade after taking over the Hamas parliament building

Soldiers from the IDF's Golani Brigade were photographed inside the parliament building of Gaza City, following their capture of the location on November 13, 2023. The photo, circulated on social media, is shared under Clause 27a of the Copyright Law.
Soldiers from the IDFs Golani Brigade were photographed inside the parliament building of Gaza City following their capture of the location on November 13 2023

Video – Hamas terror group parliament building is demolished

Two days following its seizure by the Golani Brigade, the IDF demolished the Hamas-controlled parliament building in Gaza. Members of the Golani’s 13th Battalion, who played a key role in repelling the unexpected attack on October 7 and suffered the loss of 41 soldiers, captured a moment with Israeli flags inside the building prior to its destruction.