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Tensions Escalate in Middle East, Israeli Forces Seize Hamas Stronghold, Israel Agrees to Daily 4 Hour Pauses

Nov 9, 2023

Strategic Hamas Outpost Captured

Amid the intensifying conflict, Israeli military forces have captured a strategic Hamas outpost in the Gaza Strip, while the atmosphere in the West Bank is increasingly volatile.

Tragically, the recent upsurge in violence has claimed the lives of 1,400 Israelis since October 7, among them 352 military personnel. Additionally, Hamas has taken 239 individuals hostage. In a small measure of relief, four hostages have been released, and one has been successfully rescued.

US Lawmaker Criticizes UN Education Agency for Inciting Hatred

A session of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Global Health, presided over by US Representative Chris Smith, scrutinized the perceived prejudice of the United Nations against Israel, with a particular spotlight on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Smith, in a potent address, stressed the critical nature of confronting this issue, advocating for the United States and the global community to challenge the UN over these prejudiced activities.

Smith remarked on the heinous acts of Hamas, linking them to the unchecked antisemitism cultivated by the UN. He reaffirmed Israel’s sovereign right to self-defense in the face of these attacks.

The hearing brought together notable members of the House, who unanimously criticized the UN for its overt discrimination against Israel, urging a reevaluation of the international viewpoint on the matter.

Concerns Over UNRWA’s Role in Fostering Antisemitism

The hearing also highlighted the problematic role of UNRWA in spreading antisemitism among Palestinian youth. US support for UNRWA, amounting to $1 billion under the Biden administration, was called into question, particularly as the previous administration had ceased such funding due to similar concerns.

Representatives, including Kathy Manning, vocalized how the UN’s stance jeopardizes the peace process and unfairly singles out Israel. The inaction of the UN on urgent issues, such as the captivity of 240 hostages in Gaza, was brought to the fore, shedding light on the institution’s failings.

The hiring practices of UNRWA, which include employing individuals who openly commend Hitler and endorse terrorist acts against Israeli citizens, were also scrutinized, with evidence provided by organizations like UN Watch and IMPACT-SE.

Critique of the UN’s Bias Against Israel

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, through its founder Duvi Honig, submitted a statement to the committee, emphasizing the unfair treatment of Israel by the UN and how it has strayed from its founding principles of fostering global peace and security. Honig pointed out the contradiction in the UN’s appointment of Iran to lead the Human Rights Committee, despite Iran’s record of human rights abuses, alongside its censure of Israel’s defensive measures.

Casualties Reported by Hamas Health Ministry

The Health Ministry controlled by Hamas in Gaza reported a death toll of 10,812 Palestinians, including 4,412 children, as a result of the ongoing conflict initiated by a Hamas attack on October 7. An updated count from the ministry indicated a reduction in the previously reported number of children casualties.