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Video: IDF Discovers Large Cache of Weapons and Hamas Operational Base in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital

Nov 15, 2023

Uniforms of Hamas terrorists were found thrown on the floor all over the hospital MRI building corridors, they tried to escape the hospital grounds dressed in normal civilian clothes

Command Center and Equipment Uncovered

Israeli Defense Forces, under the command of Division 36, have identified a significant operational command center and technological equipment within the MRI building of Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. This discovery is part of the IDF’s ongoing operations within the hospital, targeting Hamas’ infrastructure and resources.

Video – Weapons and Hamas equipment in Gaza hospital

Engagement and Discovery in Hospital Premises

During their mission, IDF soldiers from the elite Shaldag Unit and other special units engaged with and neutralized several Hamas terrorists within the hospital. The operation led to the discovery of unique technological means and combat equipment in one of the hospital’s departments, revealing the extent of Hamas’ utilization of the facility for military purposes. Uniforms of Hamas terrorists were found thrown on the floor all over the hospital MRI building corridors, they tried to escape the hospital grounds dressed in normal civilian clothes.

Intelligence Gathering and Continued Operations

The IDF is continuing its intelligence-focused activities in Shifa Hospital, ensuring the protection of medical staff and patients. The technological devices and abundant intelligence data collected have been transferred for further analysis and exploitation by relevant authorities. This ongoing operation highlights the IDF’s efforts to dismantle Hamas’ terror infrastructure while maintaining humanitarian considerations.

7th October Raw Video Footage
(a reminder of how this started)
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Hamas – A History of Using Human Shields, Schools, Hospitals and More

Hamas terror group, the governing entity in the Gaza Strip, has been consistently deploying terror operations from within civilian zones. This involves converting public spaces such as schools and hospitals into arsenals and launch sites. The United Nations has previously reported finding Hamas’ armaments within schools under its administration in Gaza, reflecting the group’s strategy of blending terror and civilian settings.

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Rocket Launches from Populated Areas

Another notable tactic of Hamas is initiating rocket attacks from heavily populated civilian regions. By positioning launch sites in or near residential buildings and educational institutions such as the Gaza Boy Scouts grounds, Hamas aims to complicate retaliatory strikes. This approach often results in civilian harm and infrastructural damage when counterattacks occur, thereby drawing international criticism and condemnation.

The Human Shield Controversy

Hamas has faced multiple allegations of using civilians, including women and children, as human shields. This practice entails placing non-combatants near military objectives or amid militant gatherings, with the goal of either preventing attacks from adversaries or capitalizing on the aftermath for propaganda. Such tactics have drawn widespread international criticism for endangering civilian lives and violating principles of warfare.

Global Condemnation and Operational Dilemmas

The international community has widely condemned Hamas’ practice of using civilian infrastructure for military objectives, citing the grave risks posed to civilian lives and the contravention of international warfare standards. However, the dense and urban landscape of Gaza, combined with Hamas’ integration among civilians, poses significant challenges for forces attempting to counteract Hamas without incurring civilian casualties. This environment not only jeopardizes Gaza’s civilian population but also complicates matters for the Israeli military and other opposing forces, who must navigate a complex milieu of international legal and ethical constraints in their efforts against Hamas.